How we operate

We start by listening

That means spending time with the owners, management and the executive board to understand the values of an enterprise. In our experience, business owners who have requested assistance have already identified most of the solution and need help in enabling a strategy to resolve an outcome.

We work alongside our clients to determine the logical steps needed to deliver the appropriate result. Thereafter we act as facilitators, utilising our contacts to connect the individual with the appropriate networks either within New Zealand or internationally. Where we understand it is in our client’s best interest to be introduced to better placed networks we remain committed to ensuring their best interests are being served and objectives achieved as effectively as possible. Our foremost commitment is to provide exemplary service and assistance, either directly or through representation. The rest follows.

Primarily clients come to The Concept Cube with a product or service proposition or a financial or operational issue. We engage with the client to understand the motivation for the concept and prepare a balance sheet of the strengths and weaknesses of the proposition and the key skill contributions of the individuals responsible for executing the proposition, introducing complementary skills from our networks where appropriate. It is important to provide holistic assistance to achieve a successful outcome over the long term. This sets us apart from approaches that address only the immediate problem at hand.

Invariably the initial proposition is one aspect of achieving our client’s objective.

Engaging external assistance to solve a problem is a crucial but sometimes difficult step for self-confident individuals. However, a determinant in the prosperity of a proposition is the ability to engage in significant shifts in mind-set to achieve a better balanced business and strategic plan. This involves challenging preconceptions and beliefs with factual data, analysis and evidence. Engaging in this process can be challenging, but significantly enhances the probability of a successful outcome.

We offer innovative thinking, factual analysis and an open-minded cooperative exploration of all conceivable aspects of your proposition backed up with practical assistance, not advice, in executing your strategy to a successful outcome.

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