What we offer

Corporates: We have helped boards and management teams refine their business strategy and create world-class presentation material that shows their company in the best light. We often help our clients by demonstrating how their company might look from their counterpart’s perspective, and then assist in negotiations with strategic or financial partners. We prefer to take a whole-of-company approach to address the potential of the entire business beyond the immediate issue at hand. This involves a commitment to ensure, firstly, that we understand the intricacies of the business, secondly, that the governance structure is sufficiently robust to service the needs of the company, and, finally, that the business is fit for the future beyond our involvement.

To date we have helped start-up companies and companies with multi-million-dollar turnovers raise equity and debt capital and refine their strategies.

Individuals: We have helped individuals buy into and sell out of companies. We create or improve financial and operating information from an investor’s perspective and compare this output to the expectations of the parties involved in any negotiation. Many negotiations are complicated by behavioural biases, and an awareness of these biases can unlock a potential deal. We have helped individuals refine concepts, plan strategies, improve efficiency and reduce the probability of costly errors.

We have helped a number of entrepreneurs raise finance or consider how to commercialise concepts.

Community: The Concept Cube has a desire to contribute to our community, and where possible to enhance the aspirations of New Zealanders. We voluntarily support several projects with our skills and time. We believe inspired individuals and great companies can effect radical progress and we are happy to facilitate these outcomes where possible.

We are currently undertaking a number of voluntary projects to help define the economic future of the region.

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