Who we are

The Concept Cube is a boutique agency that provides assistance to companies that are looking to raise finance or address strategic challenges to their business.

Founded in 2012 and based in Nelson, New Zealand, the company draws on angel networks, private equity institutions throughout the country, the major banking networks, and its own ‘super-board’ of experienced directors and consultants.

The Concept Cube founders recognise that not all companies have the resources to carry a fully fledged board that can offer critical objectivity in addressing strategic issues, but instead periodically require access to independent, non-conflicted networks to achieve an objective or test a new concept.

The Concept Cube focuses extensively on the individuals behind the business, understanding that the passion of the entrepreneur is primarily for their product or service, and not for preparing their company to withstand the rigors of intensive bank or investor reporting, addressing governance issues or delivering innovation. We work hard to ensure that our clients, as well as their businesses, are ready to maximise the return on their effort, with the right systems, controls, networks and people in place.

We guarantee absolute confidentiality to our clients, many of whom are at a sensitive stage in developing their intellectual property or concept. Only by offering complete confidentiality as well as a dedicated service can we gain our clients’ trust in partnership.

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